Work With Me

Who am I?


I’m Aman, an SEO Analyst, budget traveller and like to write blogs on travelling. This blog mainly focuses on the idea of motivating people to travel. Having experience in SEO I have a fair knowledge on how to reach the audience organically.


Hire me as an SEO Freelancer:

  • Helping your site grow organically
  • I also help companies with in-depth SEO audits
  • Perform keyword research
  • Help with schema implementations
  • Perform On-site optimisation
  • Article analysis
  • Featured Snippet

Hire me as a tour/ itinerary planner 

  • I will help you plan your solo/family/group/honeymoon trip
  • I do charge a minimal fee for this 

Partner with me

  • Hotel/Hostel/Restaurants – I would be more than happy to promote budget places to my audience 
  • Property shootout – I provide property shootout for newly opened Airbnb, Hotels and Hostels 
  • Content Creation – I write only about trips and my experiences 


You can contact me for the above partnerships at