Varkala Nightlife

Varkala Nightlife: 3 Amazing Spots to Experience

Are you looking to experience the vibrant nightlife of Varkala Beach? While the nightlife may not be similar to Goa’s, Varkala has its charm. Varkala is still very laid-back and has no nightclubs or pubs, but as soon as the sun goes down all the cafes turn lively. 

On my recent two-week trip to Varkala, I experienced the best nightlife at some of the best cafes in Varkala. In this blog, we will explore three amazing spots where you can experience the best nightlife of Varkala. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or simply enjoy the live music Varkala has something for everyone.

1. Sandy Bay Cafe

sandy bay cafe varkala

The Sandy Bay cafe has to be the best spot in Varkala to experience the nightlife. This cafe is situated right at the black beach and hosts different events and DJ parties. They play all sorts of music from techno, electronic, and organic house to reggae, afro, and even Indian classical at times. During the weekends they mostly play hip-hop, pop, and techno. 

If you want to experience Varkala’s best nightlife, you have to be here. They generally host these events every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

They recently also celebrated Bob Marley’s birthday by playing reggae and I loved the vibe of the place.

Timings: 9 pm – 12:30 am [For the night parties] the cafe is open in the morning from 9 am

Types of music: Techno, Electric, Disco, Reggae, Bollywood, Pop, Hip Hop, Afro

Location: Sandy Bay Cafe Varkala

You can follow more about the events on their Instagram page: Sandy Bay Cafe

Tip – There might be times when guys might pester the girls and ask for their numbers, if you think someone is bothering you too much, it’s best to reach out to Arjun or the other owners at Sandy Bay.

2. Darjeeling Cafe

Darjeeling Cafe Varkala

Darjeeling Cafe has changed a lot in the last few years. A few years back it was a small hippie cafe that has now turned into an enormous cafe and even has a dance floor on the weekends. They generally host these parties on the weekends where they play Bollywood and pop music. 

The loud music at the cafe does tire your ears after some time. One of the times when I was there they even asked me to make a bill of at least 2000, which seemed a little forceful. While the place has great views I specifically didn’t like the music or the service there.

Timings: 9 pm – 2 am(Only for the night parties)

Days: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Location: Darjeeling Cafe

3. God’s Own Country Kitchen

My other favorite spot in Varkala to experience the nightlife would be God’s Own Country Kitchen where they play live music every day. The place has its calm vibes where you can enjoy amazing seafood and live music. 

The only drawback of this place is they close by 11 pm.

Timings: 8 pm to 11 pm(For Live music)

Days: Everyday

Location: God’s Own Country Kitchen

FAQ’s about Nightlife in Varkala Beach

Q1. Do cafes in Varkala serve alcohol?

Ans. Some cafes do serve alcohol in Varkala. Generally, they’ll be mentioned as “Holy water”(I know it sounds funny) on the menu, if you can’t find them you can directly ask the cafes.

Q2. Can we party in Varkala?

Ans. Yes, you can party in Varkala even though the town has limited spots. You can either head to Sandy Bay or Darjeeling Cafe to dance your night off.

Q3. Does Varkala have pubs?

Ans. No, Varkala doesn’t have any pubs or nightclubs but the Sandy Bay Cafe hosts some amazing events and DJ parties.

Overall, Varkala offers a diverse range of nightlife experiences that cater to every taste. And you should head to Sandy Bay even if it’s for a brief moment. I hope this blog helps you experience the best nightlife of Varkala and makes your trip a memorable one!

Stay tuned for more detailed guides on Varkala, if you have any more questions about Varkala you can either drop them in the comments or message me directly on Instagram: stories.of.raku

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