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Safari Packing List for Kenya & Tanzania [Checklist Incl.]

A safari in Kenya or Tanzania is an adventure. From planning the itinerary to finalizing the spots, there’s a lot to be done, some of which can be offloaded to the company you are booking it with. But you have to deal with it completely when it comes to packing. I too was in a similar dilemma and still missed out on packing a few things. So here’s a complete safari packing list guide for Kenya and Tanzania that will leave you stress-free. [Checklist at the end]

From knowing what colors to wear to what gadgets to carry for an amazing experience, this guide will help you with all the details, so read until the end


What to wear on a safari in kenya and tanzania

As soon as I had booked my safaris in Tanzania and Kenya, I knew the next big task on my list was to buy clothes in khaki, green, or brown colors. My first thoughts were that I was going to look like someone from an Indiana Jones movie or like Rick O’Connell(Not the brown hat) 

Here’s a list of things you must remember before packing your clothes for the safari adventure.

Color and pattern guide

As mentioned earlier, wearing neutral colors and earth tones on your safari is very important. Something like khaki, green, and brown.

Colors like blue and black are not a great option as they attract the tsetse flies.

Do not wear bright colors as it might agitate the wildlife at times and the most important thing is you don’t want to stand out or else you will not be able to view the natural behavior of the wildlife.

Another important thing to note is that you should not wear camouflaged clothes as it’s been assigned to the local military in East Africa.

It is best to carry cotton clothes which are breathable as it does get hot during the day.

Shoes and footwear

It’s best to carry one pair of sturdy shoes and a pair of flip-flops. Though for the majority of your time during the safari you are inside the jeep, it’s still best to wear shoes as you might need to step out, especially for lunch and nature calls. 

I was carrying my Forclaz trekking shoes from Decathlon as I had an active volcano trek after my safari, but you can choose to carry lightweight shoes.

Accessories(Caps, Sunglasses)

I can not stress how important it is to always wear a cap on your safari. Since there are no proper roads, the amount of dust that flies during the flight is enormous and can be seen at the end of the day when you wash your face.

PS: I had to wash my hair every evening. 

You can also carry sunglasses as they will also be helpful. 

Laundry(In mostly luxurious camps)

If you’re doing a luxury safari, you will be able to find laundry at your camps. Either way, carrying 4-5 pairs of clothes should help you during your safari trip.

What to wear on a safari

Now that you already know the colors to wear, it’s important to understand what clothes and essentials you need to carry.

  • Long-sleeved shirt (1 or 2)
  • Tshirts (2 or 3)
  • Cargo pants or trousers(2 or 3)
  • Undergarments
  • A fleece or a jacket 
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Nightwear
  • Shorts
  • Socks
  • Flip flops
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Swimwear(Optional)

If you’re also visiting Ngorongoro crater, it is important to have at least two thick layers as it gets really cold during the night, even during the summers, I would also suggest carrying a woolen cap and socks for Ngorongoro.

Baggage & Luggage

After seeing the packing list of clothes, I’m sure you might be already taking your hard suitcase out of your wardrobe. The next step is to keep them back as on your safari it’s important to carry a duffel bag or a trekking/hiking bag that can accommodate all your clothes. 

I was carrying my Tripole trekking bag(65ltrs) as it’s easier to carry when there are no roads and can be easily stuffed at the back of the jeep. 

Documents to carry on your safari

There are certain documents that you need to carry for your safari adventure, listing them below

  • Passport
  • Yellow Fever Certificate(Might not need it for Tanzania but if you have visited any country affected by the yellow fever vaccine, then it is a must to always carry with you)
  • Visa – Kenya is visa-free for everyone around the world
  • Travel Insurance
  • Cash in dollars: It is important to have some cash handy as you might have to pay for some additional activities on the ground and also for tipping your guide and the cooking staff

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Cameras and Gadgets

Tanzania Safari Tips and tricks

Don’t forget to carry your gadgets, especially your camera. I have seen people lose half their interest in the safari because they didn’t carry their cameras. 

Firstly, not all wildlife is very close to the Jeep, thus to have a clear view, you will need a camera with a telephoto lens or higher zoom. Even if you don’t want to capture these special moments, you will still need to have a pair of binoculars.

Luckily, the majority of the safaris provide you with them, but it’s best to have your own if you’re going on a group safari. 

I was carrying my Sony Alpha 6000 Y with a 55-210 mm lens and you know what’s the worst part? Even after having a telephoto lens, I did miss out on some iconic moments. If possible, take a 300-400mm lens with you for the best photography experience. 

Here’s a list of gadgets and essentials you need to carry

Toiletries and Medicine

The last important section for your safari packing list is the toiletries and the medicines you need to carry. While it’s important to carry the basic first aid kit, let me list down all the other important things to carry

  • Hand sanitizers and personal toiletries
  • Insect repellent – No matter if your tour company says they’ll provide you with an insect repellant, it is important to carry one for yourself
  • Malaria tablets – Take them as advised by your doctors
  • Sunscreen

These are some of the most important things you need to carry with you on your safari adventure. I have also added a checklist with you so it makes your packing even more easier. If you have any other questions regarding packing or safari, you can drop them below in the comments or DM me on Instagram.

Safari Packing Checklist for Kenya & Tanzania

Safari packing list kenya tanzania

FAQs about what to pack for Kenya & Tanzania Safari

Q1. Can I wear shorts on Safari?

Ans. Generally, it is best to avoid wearing shorts on your safari and prefer only long pants as they save you from the sun, sharp plants, and potential insect bites. It is best to check with your tour operator based on the season you are visiting. 

Q2. What colors not to wear on Safari?

Ans. You should not wear bright colors as it might agitate the wildlife and also make you stand out which might hamper your safari experience. Avoid wearing camouflage as it is designated to the local army in East Africa.

Q3. What is the best color to wear on Safari?

Ans. It is best to wear neutral and earth colors on your safaris like khaki, green, or brown. You can also wear white but they are bound to get dirty quickly.

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