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8 Best Spots To View The Taj Mahal From In Agra

Taj Mahal, the symbol of love built by Shah Jahan in memory of his late wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world and catching its sight is mesmerizing, especially at sunrise and sunset.

 While many tourists might not know about it, seeing the Taj Mahal at night is a different experience altogether. 

Have you wondered what different places one can see the Taj Mahal from? Though seeing it from inside the complex is still the best way of seeing the Taj Mahal, these different spots listed below also provide a different experience if one can’t make it to the complex.

Here is a list of spots from where you can view the Taj Mahal and fully appreciate its beauty, also capturing some stunning photographs at the same time.

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Best spots to view the Taj Mahal from

1. Inside the Taj Mahal

Taj mahal fphoto taken near Diana's seat
Taj Mahal view from Diana’s seat

The main entrance or the Great Gate of the Taj Mahal leads to a large garden with fountains and walkways that lead to the Taj Mahal itself. As you start coming out of the main gate, the Taj Mahal seems to get bigger and bigger with each step. This is because of optical illusion and the way it has been built. 

As you step closer, you can see the grandeur structure gleaming in the sunlight.

Halfway through the Mughal garden is a structure(Diana Seat) with a few seats. It is a very popular spot for tourists to take photographs, as it provides a good angle for capturing the Taj Mahal in the background. So don’t forget to get a picture clicked at this very spot. 

Overall, the view of the Taj Mahal from inside the complex is a truly unforgettable experience and can surely make one fall in love with it.

2. From Mehtab Bagh/ ADA viewpoint.

Taj Mahal photo from the Mehtab Bagh
View of Taj Mahal from Mehtab Bagh

The Mehtab Bagh viewpoint/ ADA Taj Viewpoint offers a stunning view of the Taj Mahal during sunset and is a popular spot for photography. The garden is covered with trees and bushes all around and the most beautiful part is the chirping of thousands of birds.

The Mehtab bagh does close in the evening by 6:30 PM but one can still experience the view of the backside from the ADA viewpoint. 

If you are travelling with your partner this is a must-visit spot. 

3. View from the Yamuna River

Though I haven’t experienced this after viewing it from inside the complex, this has to be the best spot to experience the Taj Mahal, while you are on a boat ride on the Yamuna River and the sunset happening in the backdrop.

That moment has to be really magical.

Though these days they don’t allow boating, if you do get the opportunity please don’t miss it.

4. Taj Mahal view from the Red Fort

Taj Mahal view from the red fort
View of the Taj Mahal from the Red Fort

Though the Red Fort is 2.5 km away from the Taj Mahal, the view from there is truly breathtaking. The fort offers an unobtrusive view of the Taj Mahal. 

Just like the main gate at the Taj Mahal, there is an optical illusion from the red fort too, when you step away one can see the Taj Mahal getting bigger in size. 

And since you are already visiting Agra this viewpoint can be easily accommodated in your itinerary. 

5. View from the back side of the Yamuna river

Taj Mahal view from the back side covered with barbed wires and trees
View of Taj Mahal from the Back side

The path from the Taj Mahal’s east gate entry point leads you to the backside of the Taj Mahal. Though the view is majorly covered with barbed wires, it still is a different experience and I would say this is the least favourite viewpoint to see the Taj Mahal from, in my opinion.

A cup of tea/coffee and the Taj Mahal at sunrise or sunset, what else could be a more enriching experience than this? This is possible, some of the restaurants and hotels have an amazing view of the Taj Mahal and the next section focuses on that.

6. Hotels with the best view of the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal view from the ADA view point
View of the Taj Mahal from the ADA viewpoint

DoubleTree by Hilton

The deluxe room and King’s Guest room at Hilton give an amazing view of the Taj Mahal. They also have an infinite pool which comes with a distant view of the Taj Mahal as well.

Hotel Clarks Shiraz

The view of the Taj Mahal from the Mughal room is breathtakingly beautiful

Crystal Sarovar Premiere

Crystal Sarovar, a 5-star property just 2 km away from the Taj Mahal offers the most amazing views of the Taj Mahal from their Premium room.

The Oberoi Amarvilas

The Oberoi Amarvilas is the most luxurious property in Agra and it is all worth it for the amazing views it provides. Choose the Premier room which comes with the best view of the Taj Mahal from the hotel. You just can’t miss the sunset from the property with the amazing lighting. 

ITC Mughal

ITC Mughal a luxurious 5-star property is just 5 mins away from the Taj Mahal. Though the rooms don’t have a direct view of the Taj Mahal they have a separate observatory deck from where one can cherish the beautiful experience

If you are travelling on a budget then the next two options are the best solutions

7. Restaurants and cafes with view of the Taj Mahal

Hotel Saniya Palace B&B view from the rooftop restaurant

The Hotel has the most basic rooms but it has the best rooftop restaurant with a view of the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is right in front of your eyes. Just enjoy your tea and the sunset view from the cafe here.

Joey Hostel view from the rooftop cafe

Taj Mahal view from the rooftop cafe
View of the Taj Mahal from the rooftop cafe at Joey’s hostel

Hotel Saniya Palace and Joey’s Hostel are adjacent to each other and both offer some amazing views from their rooftop cafe. If you are travelling solo you can just stay at the hostel and enjoy the breathtaking views during dusk.

“I have stayed at Joey’s hostel but I would prefer the view from the Hotel Saniya Palace”

8. Hidden spot to view the Taj Mahal

A bonus viewpoint to see the Taj Mahal would be from Agha Khan Haveli, though the guard doesn’t usually let you in because of security reasons. But if you do get the opportunity the view is really breathtaking.

I feel one just can’t get enough of the Taj Mahal so hopefully, this article helps you with the best spots to view the Taj Mahal from. The initial points are all public spots and some of them do have the timings as well. During the evening or night, you can also head to the Rooftop cafes to have an amazing view.

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