14 Long Weekends in 2024: How to Plan Your Holidays

Are you someone who likes to plan their trip well in advance? This list of long weekends in 2024 with suggestions for the places to visit, will help you plan the best trip in 2024.

This is not a regular list containing the most touristy places recommended by others. I have curated a list of some of the best destinations to travel to and escape the crowd. That is not all, these are not just my suggestions, I have also included the suggestions of other travel content creators that you follow!

Let’s get straight into the list of 13 long weekends in 2024.

Complete list of Long weekends in 2024

Festivals & National HolidaysLong Weekend DatesMonthNo of holidays to be taken
New Years Day(1st Jan)29th(Fri), 30th(Sat), 31st(Sun), 1st(Mon)December/January1
Lohri/Makar Sankranti /Pongal(15th Jan)13th(Sat), 14th(Sun), 15th(Mon)Jan-
Republic Day(26th Jan)26th(Fri), 27th(Sat), 28th(Sun)Jan-
Maha Shivratri(8th Mar)8th(Fri), 9th(Sat), 10th(Sun)Mar-
Holi(25th Mar)23rd(Sat), 24th(Sun), 25th(Mon), 26th(Tue), 27th(Wed), 28th(Thur)Mar3
Good Friday(29th Mar)29th(Fri), 30th(Sat), 31st(Sun)Mar-
Buddha Purnima(23rd May)23rd(Thur), 24th(Fri), 25th(Sat), 26th(Sun)May1
Bakrid(17th Jun)15th(Sat), 16th(Sun), 17th(Mon)Jun-
Independence Day(15th Aug)15th(Thur), 16th(Fri), 17th(Sat), 18th(Sun)Aug1
Janmashtami(26th Aug)24th(Sat), 25th(Sun), 26th(Mon)Aug-
Onam(5th Sep)5th(Thur), 6th(Fri), 7th(Sat), 8th(Sun)Sep1
Diwali(1st Nov)31st(Thur), 1st(Fri), 2nd(Sat), 3rd(Sun)Oct/Nov1
Guru Nanak Jayanti(15th Nov)15th(Fri), 16th(Sat), 17th(Sun)Nov-
Christmas(25th Dec)21st(Sat), 22nd(Sun), 23rd(Mon), 24th(Tue), 25th(Wed)Dec2


long weekends in January 2024

What could be better when the year itself starts with a long weekend? This year, January has three long weekends, the first is New Year’s, then Lohri/Sankranti, and Republic Day. 

1. During the New’s years-long weekend[30th Dec, 31st Dec, 1st Jan, 2nd Jan]

You can take a leave on the 29th or the 2nd to make it a 4-day long weekend

Dubai: Khyati, a travel blogger and content creator, suggests “Ring in the longest weekend the Dubai way – where “extra” is just their normal! In Dubai parties are dazzling, shopping is a sport, and activities? More choices than your favorite OTT platform. Need I give you more reasons to welcome the New Year in Dubai?”

And if you’re looking for custom travel plans, Khyati should be your go-to person

Badami & Pattadakal: With both these places being recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, they make for an amazing destination to be explored during the New Year’s. 

While Pattadakal houses the Jain temples from the 7th and 8th centuries, Badami is famous for its cave temples. Badami is also famous amongst climbers as it is one of the best spots for rock climbing in India.

2. Lohri/Makar Sankranti/Pongal Long Weekend[13th Jan(Lohri), 14th Jan, 15th Jan(Makar Sankranti/Pongal)]

With the festivals starting to begin in the New Year, you can take a leave during this weekend depending on the part of the country you stay in, and explore these places.

Amritsar: How can you not visit Amritsar during Lohri? While Lohri is being celebrated in the city, you can also visit the iconic Golden Temple. Don’t forget to try the langar there. You can also visit the Wagah border to experience the beating retreat and last but not least have Sarso da saag and makke di roti while enjoying the cold weather.

Varkala: If you’re looking for a beach vacation, then you should head to Varkala because of its famous cliff beaches and beautiful sunsets. Explore the cafes on cliffs, the Jatayu Centre, and boating/kayaking in the backwaters. Looking to pick up a new sport? You can also learn surfing here!

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3. Republic Day Long Weekend[26th Jan(Republic Day), 27th Jan, 28th Jan]

The last long weekend of January to make the most of!

Hampi: Hampi is famous for its group of monuments, and temples and also as the birthplace of lord Hanuman(Anjanadri Hill). This UNESCO heritage site makes for an amazing trip during January because you get to see the green paddy fields everywhere and also suitable temp to explore the place.

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Rann of Kutch: If you want to experience one of the largest salt desserts in the world you have to visit Rann of Kutch. January also makes it even more special because of the Rann Utsav where you can stay in the tented camps and experience the culture of Gujarat.

Mulki: Mulki is a small town on the coast of Karnataka and lies between Udupi and Mangalore. This place is special because it is India’s surfing capital. If you want to learn surfing, you need to come to Mulki and especially Mantra Surf Ashram to learn it. 

You can try other sports like Kayaking and SUP and visit the Padubidri Blue Flag beach. A 3-day beginner course is great for diving and learning the surfing basics.


long weekends in february 2024

February doesn’t have any long weekends but don’t let this stop you from taking shorter trips around your city.


Long weekends in March 2024

March has 2 long weekends and you’d not want to miss the 2nd one during Holi and Good Friday. Holi is on the 25th(Monday) and Good Friday on the 29th(Friday), by taking 3 days leave you can get a total leave of 9 days, this is your best for the biggest trip of the year.

4. Mahashivratri Long Weekend[8th Mar(Mahashivratri), 9th Mar(Saturday), 10th Mar(Sunday)]

What better than this weekend to visit some of the most prominent Shiva pilgrimage sites?

Rishikesh: The yoga capital of India and the world, Rishikesh lies in the Himalayan foothills. When in Rishikesh, you would not want to miss the Ganga aarti, river rafting, and hopping in different cafes. 

Murdeshwar & Udupi: What better day than Shivratri to visit the second-largest Shiva statue? Udupi on the other hand is famous for its temples, beaches, and St Mary’s Island. A trip to Murdeshwar and Udupi would be a complete mix of religious sites and a relaxing vacation.

Omkareshwar & Maheshwar: Omkareshwar houses one of the 12 Shiva jyotirlingas and is situated on the Narmada River. It is less crowded than the Mahakal and would make for a great spot to be visited during Shivratri. Maheshwar is another town close by and is a famous spot for movie shootings. Do let me know which movies you remember after visiting the place.

5. Holi Long Weekend[23rd Mar, 24th Mar, 25th Mar(Holi)]
6. Good Friday Long Weekend[29th Mar(Good Friday), 30th Mar, 31st Mar ]

What makes both these weekends special is they can be combined and one can manage to get 9 days holiday just by taking 3 days leave. Now that I have spilled the secret, it would not be possible for everyone to get these leaves, thus I will share suggestions for a short trip (3-4 days) and long trips (8- 9 days).

Pushkar: Want to experience Holi but from a not-so-crowded place like Mathura? Pushkar makes for a great alternative. It is famous for its temples, ghats, and lake. You can also make a day trip to Ajmer to visit the Ajmer Shariff Dargah.

Bir: Bir has to be my most favorite place in India to visit and it’s because of not just one but multiple reasons. It’s the 2nd highest place in the world for paragliding and has some of the most pristine and secluded waterfalls. This is not all, the food in each of the cafes and restaurants is super delicious and the last reason has to be the people that you meet there (locals and travelers). 

Bir is one of the places where you’d want to settle in but 3 days is a good time to explore Bir.

Sandakphu Phalut: Since it’s a long weekend, you can also plan this beautiful trek which gives you the most beautiful views of the Sleeping Buddha. This 5-6 day trek is suitable for all types of travelers. March is also a very suitable time for seeing the rhododendrons on this trek.

Bhutan: Known for its monasteries, fortresses, and beautiful landscapes and hikes, Bhutan has a lot to offer. A 7-8 day trip will cover the most prominent places of Bhutan like the Punakha Dzong, the capital city Thimpu, Do chu la Pass, and Tiger Monastery. Going at this time of the year will also ensure you can see one of their biggest festival the “Paro Tsecchu”.

Planning a trip to Bhutan? Read this comprehensive Bhutan travel guide


Long weekends in April 2024

While there are no longer weekends in April, it’s still a great time to explore almost all parts of the country because of the suitable weather conditions. Especially for people living in Karnataka, they can make use of Ugadi(9th April) and make it a long weekend.


Long weekends in May 2024

Loving the list of suggestions so far? May has just one long weekend and it’s an ideal time to visit the mountains!

7. Buddha Purnima Long Weekend[23rd May(Buddha Purnima), 24th May, 25th May, 26th May]

With Buddha Purnima falling on a Thursday, if you take one leave on Friday you can easily make it a 4 week long weekend!

Kalga, Pulga, and Tulga villages in Parvati Valley, Himachal: Somya, who is a budget traveler and content creator, suggests its best to visit Kalga, Pulga, and Tulga villages because there are no roads to reach these places and you have to hike to get here. It is the perfect blend of nature, staying away from tourists & getting all the comfort & facilities.


Long weekends in June 2024

Almost the middle of the year, June too has just one long weekend.

8. Bakrid Long Weekend[15th Jun, 16th Jun, 17th June(Bakrid)]

There is just one long weekend in June and you don’t have to take any extra leave unless you want to make it an even longer weekend.

Munnar: Raksha, who is a YouTuber and content creator, suggests “Munnar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala that’s absolutely worth visiting. It’s the start of the monsoon season in June so you can enjoy the abundant tea plantations covered in mist. Apart from that, visit the tea factories, go on a tea estate walk, and enjoy the tranquility of Munnar. Remember to pack a light rain jacket and embrace the cold mountain air in Munnar.

Dharamkot: Dharamkot is nestled just above Mcleodganj and Dharamshala is popular for beautiful treks and scenic views. If you want to escape the crowd, it’s best to stay in Dharamkot rather than Mcleodganj. It’s also a great place for meditation and yoga retreats


Long weekends in July 2024

Is it just me or does everyone feel that we have never had any festivals and long weekends in July? With the current climate situation, it’s for the best that we don’t travel when the monsoon is at its peak. 


Long weekends in August 2024

August comes with the beginning of festivals in India and thus has 2 long weekends in 2024.

9. Independence Day Long Weekend[15th Aug(Independence Day), 16th Aug, 17th Aug, 18th Aug]

During this long weekend in August, you have to take a leave on the 16th(Friday) and make it a 4-day long weekend. Since the weather has been really bad in the mountains in the last few years, here are my alternatives to traveling to Himachal or Uttarakhand.

Bundi & Chittorgarh: While a lot of you might not have heard about Bundi, this is the best place to visit in Rajasthan during the monsoons. Bundi is quite the opposite of all of Rajasthan where you can experience beautiful waterfalls and green hills. Combining with Chittorgarh which is just three hours away from Bundi makes for a great long weekend in Rajasthan.

Orchha, Jhansi & Gwalior: This trio in the center of India makes for a great trip exploring the rich history of India. Gwalior is famous for its fort and Jai Vilas Palace,  Jhansi is the city of Bravery because of Rani Lakshmibai, and Orccha has some of the best forts and temples along with being situated right on Betwa River making for a great road trip.

10. Janmashtami Long Weekend[24th Aug, 25th Aug, 26th Aug(Janmashtami)]

You don’t have to take any extra leave for this weekend as 26th August is a Monday. Did you think I was forgetting the northeastern part of India? Watch out for some amazing suggestions.

Pachmarhi: Also known as the Satpura ki Rani, Pachmarhi is a hill station in Central India. With the Monsoon almost at the end, it makes for a great visit to Pachmarhi as it has some of the best waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh. The place is also famous for Pandav caves and the Chouragarh hike. 

Nongriat: This year I got to experience Nongriat more famously known to everyone as the double root bridge. If you’re able to go here in August during the monsoon, you will experience some of the most beautiful waterfalls in India and also the Double Root Bridge. The trek is not an easy one so go well prepared. 


Long weekends in September 2024

With the end of the Monsoon, it’d be great to start visiting some of the lesser-known hill stations

11. Onam & Ganesh Chaturthi Long Weekend[5th Sep(Onam), 6th Sep, 7th Sep, 8th Sep(Ganesh Chaturthi)]

By taking leave on 6th Sep(Friday) you can turn this into a 4-day long weekend.

Vagamon: If you’re looking for a peaceful vacation you should visit Vagamon which is situated in the Western Ghats of Kerala. It is famous for its natural beauty, small hikes, and the longest glass bridge in India. 


Long weekends in October 2024

October has 2 long weekends, each of which you’ll have to take a leave, thus suggesting only the Diwali long weekend as you can have a 4-day long weekend there.

12. Diwali Long Weekend[31st Oct, 1st Nov(Diwali), 2nd Nov, 3rd Nov]

By taking a leave on the 31st you can make this Diwali a 4-day-long weekend.

Wari Chora: Joydeep of The Gypsy Chiring suggests” Diwali becomes more special when celebrated in a new place making new connections. In 2024, plan your trip to Wari Chora in the South Garo Hills of Meghalaya.

Wari Chora is relatively offbeat, however, it is one of the most popular tourist spots. Apart from celebrating Diwali, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the local Garo culture. It generally opens for tourists from November. “

Khajuraho: This place is not how the news depicts it ” The Kamasutra temples”. Yes the temples have erotic figures but that’s just in some parts of the temples, the sculpture shows the lifecycle and how it was in the past. 

Khajuraho is not just famous for its temples but also its waterfalls and national park situated very close to it. Close to Khajuraho is also this mysterious water tank called Bhimkund which you must visit.


Long weekends in November 2024

While the fun has already started with Diwali, November has another long weekend which you can make use of for traveling.

13. Guru Nanak Jayanti Long Weekend[15th Nov(Guru Nanak Jayanti), 16th Nov, 17th Nov]

Guru Nanak Jayanthi might be an optional holiday for a few of you but you should make use of this long weekend before these places get crowded.

Gokarna: One of the few beach towns that I can never get tired of and I even have a perfect 3-day itinerary for you to explore Gokarna. Gokarna is a temple town famous for its beach trek. You can also explore some beautiful waterfalls which are close to Gokarna. 

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Apart from this, you can also plan a day trip to Murdeshwar or even Jog Falls.

Udaipur: Also known as the white city of India, Udaipur is famous for its lakes, beautiful palaces, and mountains! A 3-day trip to Udaipur will cover all the prominent places and November is also a great time to visit before all the crowd flows in. 


Long weekends in December 2024

While December doesn’t officially have a long weekend as you’ll have to take 2 days’ leave, what’s a year when you can’t travel during Christmas?

14. Christmas Long Weekend[21st Dec, 22nd Dec, 23rd Dec, 24th Dec, 25th Dec(Christmas)]

To avoid the crowd during Christmas, it’s best to take a leave on the 23rd(Monday) and the 24th (Tuesday) to have a 5-day long weekend.

Lakshadweep: The only place in the country where tourism is regulated and the best place to enjoy the most blue waters in India. A 4-5 day trip to one of the islands on Lakshadweep includes seeing the turquoise waters, enjoying the water sports, and having a great time with your loved ones. 

This was the list of some of the most important long weekends of 2024 and how you should plan your trips to these places during those weekends. Tell me in the comments which trips are you more excited about or are looking forward to in 2024. 

Need help planning trips to the above destination drop me a comment below or message me on my Instagram stories.of.raku


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